Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday

The day finally arrived! My girl turned 12!! She was so excited to hit this birthday especially since she now is old enough to go to Young Women's and hang out with her older friends again! This year she asked for a birthday party. I gave in since her last friend party was when she turned 8 years old (I am not a very fun mom). I tried to talk her into going to a fun place to play, but instead, she choose a party at home decorating cupcakes and singing Karaoke, mostly because she wanted to invite more than two friends to her party. Only three of the six that were invited were able to make it. Too bad we didn't have 3 extra seats, and we would have been able to go with mom's plan A, but I think the girls really had fun, especially Edi. She got her own set of frosting tips and a fun cupcake book full of ideas to keep us busy for quite a while.

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Becky said...

WOW! She'll be so excited to be in YW on Sunday. Kids grow up so fast. Happy Birthday Edi!!!