Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random Christmas Thoughts

Well, it's the weekend before Christmas, only 5 days left, all the waiting is almost over. My Christmas cards are finally ready to mail--a little late, but ready, and if I could just figure out what to buy my DH, I think everything would be complete. The snow has arrived, fulfilling all the kids (and kids at heart) wishes of a white Christmas, making it truly fill like Christmas is here. I love the Christmas season, the music, lights, and the feeling. And my tree, it's awesome this year. It is not dropping any needles yet, so the tree might stay up a little longer this year.
Time keeps rushing by as we prepare for the BIG day, but now I am hoping time will slow down because I don't want it to end. Especially since I lose my leverage over the kids to be good or Santa won't bring them Christmas.
OH ya, I still haven't figured out gifts for my parents or Mike's, why does it have to be so difficult, and don't forget the people Mike works with, UGH!!! If I could get away with it, I would refuse to give and receive gifts all year long, it would make life so much easier on me.
TIME!! There isn't enough time. We still haven't made it to Temple Square this year. I plan to go when we are in the area, but there is never enough time or we end up having something else we have to rush to.
Candy & holiday baking just isn't happening this year. I really do need to do something for the neighbors, but I know I will eat it, so to avoid gaining the unwanted pounds, I just forget about it, sorry about that. I am already stressing about if I have the will-power to eat good on Christmas Eve and Day since the menu is all about yummy food, not healthy. Who wants to be good on Christmas anyway?
Christmas Gifts for myself! I hate being asked what I want for Christmas. I rarely know what I would want to ask for. I find many things while shopping that I would like to buy if I were shopping for myself, because they wouldn't seem stupid coming from myself, but my DH would never buy it for me, or would think it's a lame idea. So, he may think I don't like what he buys, but the truth is, I want it all, just can't buy it all or pinpoint what one or two items I would be happiest with--again, another moment I wish we didn't have to get gifts.
Unfinished Christmas decorations I have many. The ceramic houses for our village that have sat in a box waiting, probably since we had kids, the glass bulbs that I need to make to finish all the new grandkids my mom has now since---Edi was born. My tree is missing a couple of kids too. Or how about my tradition of making a family ornament with an updated picture of our family. I think I only have our 1st Christmas up there, but I have enough frames to go 15-20 years, I just need to put the pictures in them. That was my goal for this year, but I couldn't figure out how to hook up my new printer Mike gave me last year for Christmas, so another year passes.
Well, I guess that is my thoughts for today! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas--and I hope you leave plenty of room for the Savior in your lives today and forever!

Friday, December 12, 2008

'Tis the Season

It feels like I have been out of the loop for quite some time. I didn't think I used the internet that much to really miss it, but I did. Even simple things like checking events or keeping tabs on the bank. So, we finally got it back in the house so that I can keep up to speed on things and not mooch off of everyone's internet. So, to get you up to speed on our life, the girls are still involved with girl scouts and just recently they attended a dance clinic where they learned a dance from the dancers of the Utah Flash team. They will get to perform tonight at the game with all the girls who went. As parents we are really excited about this, especially since 9 refuses to dance ever since we had her in dance class when she was 4 and she hated the recital part and refuses to do any performances since (although she is now participating in primary programs too).
Thanksgiving was really nice this year. It is always nice to get together with family and catch up on life. I even managed to eat sensibile so I could lose my goal weight for the week. Unfortunately, I gained it back this week. It's really hard to stay focused with all the yummy food this time of year. Mom and I went out shopping on Black Friday, Mike tagged along too--I think he will stay home from now on, we wore him & 3 out pretty good.
Another one of our traditions is to go to Spring City to cut down our Christmas tree. It was such a nice day and since we didn't have snow yet, we were able to go higher in the canyon then ever. We hiked a mountain that was pretty bare, but with our kids and Alissa's we didn't want to be too picky and took the second tree we found. But, I have to say, this is my favorite tree. It is bigger than we usually pick and it is stronger so the weight of the ornaments are not a concern. We could even get the star to stay on top (instead of bending from the weight), if we could reach up and get the star on. (I am waiting for Mike to brave that ordeal).
The rest of the month is spent on Christmas stuff. Shopping, parties, more shopping, wrapping (not yet, of course), Christmas lights, and an endless list of Christmas shopping still to do.
Here is hoping you have a wonderful Christmas season! Don't forget, Jesus is the reason for the season!!