Sunday, June 12, 2011

Born May 6th

Ok, so it has taken me more than a month to get on here and post pictures. I forgot how crazy life gets with a new baby (or most likely, I am extremely out of practice). We had a rough start with Clark with my Platelets threatening preclampsia, so the doctor decided to start me 3 weeks early at 37 weeks to avoid any health problems for me. Well, although we cleared the safe zone for delivery, it wasn't enough for Clark. First off, he ended up being breach, so I had to experience my first C-section. Apparently the placenta was in front preventing the baby from being able to get in position and made it a little tougher for the doctors to get him out. I should add here that Clark's name was undecided until he was born. I finally gave in to the name only after he tried entering this world laying parallel across my stomach like he was flying--yep, like SuPerMaN!! Call us crazy, but it's kind of fun. I can't wait for all the costumes he will be able to wear :0)
With under developed lungs, Clark was in the NICU for a week after being born. He was also loosing a lot of weight so they had to put a feeding tube in also, so holding out little bundle was pretty difficult and annoying. The hardest thing was not only leaving the hospital without my baby, but driving the 35 minutes back and forth to the hospital 2-3 times a day to try nursing him (some times unsuccessful), which meant no pain killer for me so I could drive myself. Mike had to use a lot of vacation time to help with picking kids up from school so I could stay longer at the hospital with Clark. It was very tiring, I would feel bad when I was too tired to want to see my baby, I felt like a horrible mom, but I really needed to make sure I was taking care of myself also (which was really hard to do when you want your baby home).
We did finally get to bring him home. He wasn't quite to his birth weight at his 2 week check up, so we stressed more because of that, but little Clark is now 5 weeks old and looks great and you wouldn't even know he had a rough start.
I cannot tell you how many times a DAY that each kid randomly says how cute Clark is, even when they aren't even looking at him. They are constantly asking to hold him, but no one is begging to change his diaper :0(, I better work on that. JJ is on his second cold since Clark was born, and it nearly kills him that I won't let him kiss Clark anywhere except his head--and he wants to kiss him MaNy times a day. I am a little sad, JJ is giving all MY hugs and kisses to Clark now, I have to remind him he hasn't given me any hugs or kisses lately.
I am so glad all the kids like their little brother and are adjusting to having to do things themselves or help each other since mom can't do everything anymore since I am busy with Clark. My next step is to figure out a dinner menu that includes easy meals my girls can learn to make. I haven't taught them very many different cooking options besides Mac and Cheese and Ramon Noodles, so if you have any great recipes and ideas, please send them my way.
Well Clark is calling me!