Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ViVa LaS vEgAs (part 2)

So, the next day we started off by finding breakfast. We went with something small this time. The first place we could find (on the same side of the road we were driving) was Jack in the box. It was pretty good, but my DH ended up with a Coke instead of the Sprite he ordered, so he decided he had to drink it (darn). Well,he pretty much decided that they had the best tasting Coke he had tried in a long time (and he hasn't had Coke for over two years). This was one thing that happened in Vegas, that wasn't going to stay in Vegas :(
We made it to Ethel M's chocolate Factory! We walk down the hall just to get a sample of their free chocolate--so totally worth the visit, LOL! It's also the only thing left in Vegas that hasn't moved closer to home.
Due to our late breakfast, we had a late lunch/early dinner. My brother in law has family in Vegas and this person happened to be a chef at Margaritaville!! So, that's where we ate. We were planning to get a small snack so we could have dinner, but that did not happen. One thing I decided after eating her, is that even if you don't go to the famous Vegas Buffet's, they still feed you like it's a Buffet. The Nachos feed all of us, but the Chef (we were visiting) came out and told us he would throw a couple orders of wings in. I am not a wing fan, but probably because I have only tried the buffalo style. We got to order a Hawaiian flavor wing and a BBQ and even better, they were BONELESS!!! They still had a little spice to them, but they were pretty tasty. So, after these two appetizers, we were feeling pretty full and ready to go, BUT, we did make the mistake of ordering other food items like a sandwich, fajita (which we thankfully ordered one to share between me and my DH) and my BIL ordered something, but I can't remember. I think I stopped looking at was on the table because I was going to bust just looking around. Unfortunately, our hotel room did not come with an empty fridge to take leftovers back to enjoy later, so we had to eat it or leave it.
Well, we managed to drag ourselves out of there and back across the street to our hotel, so we could rest and freshen up for the BIG night!! I had to freshen up with a nap, here are some funny pictures my SIL had us pose for....wait, I didn't really pose for the nap one! but the second won was after the show---us being silly!

Here we come CHER!!!! Going to Vegas to see a show is pretty awesome. I always enjoy watching everyone else who is super excited and being silly. I didn't have to look far, since the lady I sat next to was pretty out of control. Unfortunately, I fogot my camera--what was I thinking? So, I only have sad pictures from my phone which are not worth posting, sorry guys :(
The concert started 20 minutes late (it might have been longer, I already forgot), So once the chanting stopped and the cheers began, the night was great!! And Cher really does have a lot of costume changes. In fact, she only sang in each outfit once!! So, we had a lot of entertainment in between wardrobe changes. But it was fun to see old pictures of her and even Sonny.
After the concert we headed over to the Flamingo to meet up with everyone else, but I am thinking now, I should have gone to the hotel to soak in the HUGE bath tub that no one got to enjoy--I really might have to go back to Caesars for their bed and tub!! We ended the evening with a piece of Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory, of course (I was still stuffed, so I made DH share this with me too). He was even nice enough to let me get my favorite kind--White chocolate Raspberry!! YUM!!
Sunday we had to pack up and head home. We still had many places we hadn't made it to, so we headed out to M&M world, Coke world, and MGM. We actually debated on staying until evening then driving home through the night, but we did mange to drag ourselves away from the strip and headed to visit BIL's sister for lunch then headed on home :(
It was fun to get away and forgot about the stresses of home life and church callings, I think it is just what I needed in order to help me through the next few months, so thanks B98.7 for the fun get away!!

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