Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy March :D

I can't believe how time flies--it seems like we always have so much going on that I focus on getting through the day (each day) and before I realize it, another month has passed us by.
Last month we went to the Draper Temple open house. I chose February 14th, Valentine's Day--mostly because our old neighbors were going that same day. But after I decided to go that same day, I thought my family should join us. I invited my parents and Stephens family to join us. It was such a fun way to share "love day" with my family. After the Temple we went out as a family to Chuck-A-Rama to treat the kids to diner. It was a perfect day!
The Draper Temple is beautiful. I am always amazed at how each Temple has their own style. I was amazed at the darker cream color on the walls at this one--in my head I think, Temples are white, inside and out. I know that isn't totally true, but in my head everything is white. The stain-glass windows were pretty cool too, like cotton. Although, I still like Timpanogos Temple the best since I like the chunks of glass that looks like ice--and I like that I can see out of the Temple windows there.
It's so awesome to see the Temple in the Salt Lake valley and to point them out to my kids. We always play I-spy when driving home from Grandma K's house. They don't even look up from their Gameboys now when we say "I spy something white". Their immediate answer is "the Temple", so this week I decided to teach them the names of the Temples since we can point to three different ones, and to help them know the names of each one. This also helps so they stop playing their games and actually look out the window. We are so blessed to have so many Temples in Utah. Last night we drove home from Stephens and was able to point out the Bountiful and Salt Lake Temples.
Along with helping our kids know the names of each Temple, we are also talking to them about it when we go. We decided that they need to know when we go so they will know how important it is to us. We are also trying to have discussions with them to help them understand "why" we go to the Temple.


Jeanette said...

We have a temple here in Houston and it is such a blessing. For years, we had to drive 4 hours to Dallas to the temple, and we felt that was a blessing too. Seeing that it was ONLY 4hours away.

I love your family pictures. I really love your son's spiderman tie and his little wink ;) So sute.

Rachael said...

That looks awesome and (below) cool tent bed!

Grandma G. said...

You are great parents, just like your mom and dad. You are doing the right thing. Bless you, Mike, and your little family. Love you

Jeanette said...

Time to get off of FB and post on your blog ;D

Give us an update.