Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jayden

Ok, I am very late on getting this up here and haven't done very good and keeping up on my blog lately, so I am trying to repent.
The main thing that has happened, is Jayden turned 4 last month. We decided, he was too old to sleep in a toddler bed anymore, so we set him up with a big boy room (thanks to Rob giving us the set). Now JJ has the beginnings of a camping room. We are still working on decorating, but he has a tent that he sleeps in every night.
For his birthday, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese, which mom tried very hard to discourage, but he had a blast, and it was well worth going and spending time with my family.
JJ is a huge fan of Spiderman so when he picked out his new bike, it had to be Spiderman. Now mom is excited for the good weather to see if JJ can keep up with her on his new wheels--it may be me trying to keep up with him, either way, it beats a stroller or tricycle. JJ also got a DS for his birthday. Now his sisters won't have to share their with him--he loves the Mario Bros. game too, it seems to be the only game that gets played at our house. JJ loves puppy dogs (we have a pretty big collection of stuffed dogs since we don't do well with the real ones), wrestling or pouncing on unsuspected family members, helping mom clean and loves having stories read to him, especially by his sisters. He also advanced from nursery to a Sunbeam--all these big milestones all in one month. What's a mom to do.


Rachael said...

happy Birthday!

Yo said...

they grow so fast...already 4!! Happy Birthday Jayden.