Sunday, September 28, 2008

All in a week

As usual, things have stayed busy. Does it ever stop? This week it all started with Mike's Grandma celebrating her 90th birthday. They held an open house for her on Saturday, so we were able to visit with the family and Mike and I were able to take the time to remind the kids and ourselves how blessed we are to have her in our lives still. Also for her birthday, we started taking Grandma to the circus (with Alissa's family too) since Grandpa K always took her and the grandkids to the circus, so we are trying to carry that tradition. This year Mike and Courtney had the clowns announce her birthday for everyone to hear. She sure was tickled to hear that.
It has been my tradition every fall to take pictures of the kids with sunflowers. It was a tradition that started when Edi was born and I have always made a point to do it every year since then. I know once school starts, I really need to start thinking of where this years pictures will be taken, before they are all gone. I tried to take pictures on the road heading out to Eagle Mountain this year, but when we stopped, they didn't look as good, so the sunflowers that I ended up liking most, ended up being in our own driveway, imagine that.
This week ended with a fun over nighter up AF canyon to celebrate my mom's birthday. It was the perfect weekend weather. The kids woke up early and found a deer running through the camp area, so we ended up going for an early hike and found two deer instead. It was fun and refreshing to go hiking with them. It's amazing how invigorating a morning hike is. And all those colors, it's AWESOME!!! Stephen joined us that evening for tinfoil dinners and dutch oven birthday cake.

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