Monday, January 24, 2011

My pirate turns 6

I know I am bad at keeping up with my blog. I always start the year off thinking I am going to do better, and some how life takes over. Once again, I am attempting my goal, I am starting with my sons birthday again, but I do hope to put my thoughts of our recent trip to Vegas on here along with some other adventures we have had. I have a list of what I would like to put here, so maybe it will keep me motivated to keep blogging, if not, feel free to email and tell me to get my butt in gear. We all need a little motivation by friends once in a while.
Any way, back to the Pirate birthday celebration. The original request from my son was to go to Chuck-E-Cheese, but since we are not fans of that place....I had to talk him out of it fast. It took some convincing since we went to Pirate Island last year, but I promised to invite cousins this year and even let him invite his two friends. You might be wondering why I was insisting on Pirate Island, huh? Well, he is a boy, but the real reason is that I bought a pirate stamp set about two years ago and I have been dying to use it. I Loved how cute the invites turned out!! I think my whole family enjoy his birthday this year. I just hope I my kids don't expect me to go all out crazy like this every time. UGGG, what did I do?


Yo said...

Yay for new years resolutions and yay for pirates!!! (especially the Buhler ones!):)

Miss Amanda said...

Trevor LOVED that party. You did great! The invitations were very cute! :)