Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's MaRio Time

My son found these figuines at the store so it wasn't too hard to make this cake. When I said in my last post I needed prayers to do it, I realized I am capable of decorating cakes, it's just for the past three years or so, my girls have only requested strawberry shortcake cakes or hot fudge brownie sundaes, those kind don't take a whole lot of creativity to accomplish. Happy Birthday big boy!!

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b said...

that's a fine lookin cake! i just realized that it's been several months since we last talked, so HI! I'm into blogging for some reason tonight-- not enough to post something, just enough to stalk other people's blogs. our blog has gone incognito so if Sil didn't invite you, email and I'll make sure she does.

Michael Buble rocks btw-- gotta love anything that's faux Sinatra.

Beautiful Kids!

Blogstalker out!