Monday, November 3, 2008

What's next? Christmas?

Halloween is always a lot of fun for our family. Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH CANDY???? I don't think so. Stephen & Kris always plan a fun family party at their house. Mom makes the carmel apples, I bring the cookies to decorate, then we enjoy yummy cheese soup in bread bowl, but the biggest highlight is the pumpkin carving. Unfortunately, we missed the big Buhler party, but here are the costumes for our family. 9 got all wrapped up into being a Mummy, 7 was thirsty for blood (attention) & cute 3 finally agreed to wear the Pirate costume after weeks of refusing. No amount of bribery was working until some older boys were picking on him. I told him, if he was a pirate, he could've beat up those boys with his sword. Well, that did it. He was out of the caterpillar costume in 30 seconds and ready 2 be a pirate.
Now to clarify, I did explain to 3 that he really can't go out and hit the boys, but he was still quite happy to be a pirate and he didn't see those boys again that night...later that night he wanted to go in the monster house. He was really excited to go in until he realized he didn't have his sword with him. Poor, brave, boy. He ended up walking through with his hands covering his eyes.
Oh & don't miss the picture of our own Jack-O-lantern Daddy. We didn't have pumpkins to light up yet. I missed getting a picture of DH as MR.Clean, he even found a barcode to finish the outfit.

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